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Reminding home bakers that nothing compares to homemade, the Allison's redesign brings the joy of home baking back to the forefront of the brand. The design needed to create a jolt on shelf, as all flour bags look the same. By utilising the structure of the bag, which lends itself to the perfect loaf size, the packs are designed to look as if they are freshly made breads and cakes on a bakery shelf. Creating an inspirational, artisanal bakery for Allison's, but in the flour aisle!

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Pepsi x SHFW Spring Summer 2019

The creative manifesto for Shanghai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 was about individuality and centered around the message that creativity is a powerful inner force that brings change. Integrating this year’s creative manifesto into the limited edition can design, the can features bright blocks of color colliding within the black backdrop to create a celebratory and unique expression of art within the context of packaging design. At the Shanghai Fashion Week venue, consumers engaged with immersive Pepsi experiences, including a Pepsi booth, lightbox, and more.

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Pepsi Generations

The design strategy for the Generations campaign was to tap into Pepsi’s equity as a dynamic, evolving brand and celebrate its ever changing expressions that remain iconic today. The designs celebrate specific generations and the unique contributions made to pop culture. Pepsi packaging has changed over the years, and a digital archive doesn’t exist for vintage designs, so the design team revived these iconic designs from the product archive to fit today’s manufacturing standards. The designs were created in multiple languages and new formats.

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7UP Egypt Ltd Edition Series

7UP champions originality and helps people get back to their most authentic selves. The 7UP Egypt Limited Edition Series, created in partnership with Egyptian artist Ghada Wali, celebrates Egypt’s identity, various eras, themes, and styles. The campaign was an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in all things Egyptian. The series includes 4 illustrations: a pharaoh with pop art sensibilities teamed with bold lines and vibrant colors, modernized Egyptian trademark patterns, an iconic cat with lotus flower embellishments, and the diverse and kitschy art found on Egyptian trucks.

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This design targets and aims to solve a simple but tricky problem in life, that is how to tell the freshness of an egg. Customers may open a bad egg without pre-notice which can lead to either food poisoning or contamination of other ingredients. This issue enlightens the design of egg freshness tag which is a paper based chemical indicator reacts with carbon dioxide by the change of color to inform the freshness level. Different colors represent different grades of freshness, green for fresh, yellow for stale and red for bad.

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Xiao Mu Biao

Liquor is a kind of traditional products, but also emotional amplifier, can better express themselves and release emotions, through the vivid, young and fashionable way of painting, convey five important time in life, milestones, is not only to design a work well, or to communicate with consumers to create a consumer scenarios.

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