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Minka Chocolate

The design embodies the sensations chocolate awakes in every fan of this product. The brown background conveys the cocoa intensity while the colour shades create a oneiric atmosphere making the consumer feel they are in a dream that came true. The origin is depicted by the brand and the cocoa bean with a playful color scheme that conveys the local Ecuadorian culture that produces these raw chocolate nibs.

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Bestore has a large variety of snacks which are still constantly updating. Designer combined 3D effect with foods in order to deliver a unique feeling of packaging. The unique design method called visual element labeling was used in this project to solve the difficulty of an irreconcilable contradiction between the general character and personality, not only for all packaging to formulate a unified design specification but also highlights the characteristics of each product.

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Zhe Gu Tea

The high-end packaging originated from an obstruct conception of Buddhism as the Chinese word “Kon”. Buddhist pursues ethereality and integrity. The packaging consisted of three parts. The connection between tea leaves and hands of Buddha express the pattern, which is look like a combination of leaves and a hand. After baked, the tea leaves of Zhe Gu tea turn into ball, which is like the shape of Buddha beads. By spelling out the landscape paintings with tea balls, it expresses the Buddhist mood –see the mountain as not mountain, see the water as not water .

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The packaging design solution for the limited edition of Bohemia Sekt champagne to tribute 700th anniversary of the birth of the most significant Bohemian King and the Emperor of the Roman Empire, Charles IV. The unusual bottle shape, authentic materials, selected colour pallets and hand crafted traditional lettering have been used to confirm the exceptionality of the packaging and to support a visual & touchable sensual experience. The only symbolic 700 bottles were produced and each of them has been hand packed (labeled, numbered nad adjusted).

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Design aspiration is originated from story of monkeys drag for moon, the monkeys who wear clothes and drag for moon’s shadow like people who are busy in life but have no gain. However, there will have moment of seeing light suddenly, like he drunk and starts to think about life.The package generalizes forest on night by raised line, use paper-cut silhouette to perform the monkeys in a wait, use Chinese leather-silhouette show style to perform the monkeys who are dragging for moon.

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Golden Spiral φ

The chocolate packaging box design, for the French dessert shop in this project, is consistently comparable with the shop’s space design that presents the image of ocean as the theme. The dessert box design is inspired from the appearance of chambered nautilus displaying a mathematical pattern of golden spiral, which figuratively symbolizes that every piece of the handmade chocolate is as perfect in its flavor as the perfection of golden ratios.

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