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The design of the bottle was inspired by nature and the principles of bio mimicry specifically the form of a bitten apple. This was meant in order to show the organic quality of the product inside. This anatomy results in complementary shapes which when placed next to one another on shelves or during transportation allow to maximise the saving of space. The name of the brand is inscribed on the label with a stylised calligraphy. This calligraphy evokes the colour and appearance of thin grass as a nod to Nature.

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Seagull Camera

This Camera is not only a digital product, but also like a sculpt machine of time. It keeps every touching moment, including characters, landscapes, and events forever.The use of recycle leather is generally good for the environment. Textured copper metal Plate and brown leather present Chinese characteristic of industry in 1950s. Exquisite bronzing and lock highlight the collection value of this product.

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Bakers Dozen

The Baker's Dozen Egg Carton is a reusable, molded pulp egg carton that holds 13 eggs. A novel arrangement of 13 eggs, it contains two rows of 4 eggs with one row of 5 eggs in between. Not yet practical for large assembly line packers, whose equipment is designed to pack an even number of eggs. Such equipment would need to be retooled in order to fill a 13-pack carton. For small egg producers who pack their eggs by hand, however, the carton is a unique and distinctive package, suitable for farm stands, farmer's markets and the like.

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Carp Leap

Anhua mountain tea: the concept of product creation is story narration, with traditional elements such as fish, dragon and pine as the main body. There are three stages: leaping over the dragon's gate, surpassing oneself and enjoying life. It symbolizes the memory of entrepreneurs' struggle. Visually, on the basis of specific illustrations, it focuses on the visual exploration of symbolic symbols.

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The Tea

The core concept of this project is developed from the characteristics of tea product inheritance and development over a long period of time. Based on this, the inheritance and improvement in the process change of tea products are conveyed by the change of the style of Chinese characters in different ages. It is worth noting that the difference between Chinese characters and Western languages is that Chinese characters, in addition to their character recognition function, are pictographic and semantic, which makes them have a deeper meaning.

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Diaoyutai is a well-known Chinese brand with many products. For a successful brand, designers have been thinking about how to shape it, so as to maintain a deep visual point while maintaining the original visual system. The designer chose "Dragon", which represents the highest image in ancient China, as the main element of the design. The bottle cap design is very full, and the square bottle cap is reminiscent of the "jade seal" representing the imperial power. The bottle design is very simple. This comparison shows a very solemn visual image and has a unique Chinese style.

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