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Pepsi Football

Pepsi celebrated the NFL in Mexico with a limited time offer can series that harnesses the power of the game. The approach dramatices the athletic power of the players and celebrates four NFL teams. The visual language heroes illustration within a design that showcases the passion of the national football league. The design reflects the strength and endurance of players and the pure emotion that keeps fans engaged in all game season.

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Linhu Queshe Green Tea

The tea originates from Yibin, Sichuan Province, known as China Bamboo Sea. It is famous for its bamboo production, and Linhu Queshe is also the local high-quality green tea. In order to highlight the cultural characteristics of the country of origin, the designer designed the packaging into a bamboo-festival shape, so that it saves space and reduces logistics costs when packaging transportation. When displayed, it can overlap the packaging, becoming a beautiful scenery on the shelf.

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Mountain Tea

Different from traditional Chinese tea packaging, tea cake is wrapped like candy, which is more convenient in use and fashionable in vision. This tea is produced in Xishuangbanna, an ethnic minority region in Yunan Province of China. Xishuangbanna is Chinese only tropical rain forest nature reserve, with favorable natural ecological preservation and various rare animals and plants.

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Wafers Lab

It is a package design of "Wafers Lab", a new sweet of "Patissley Kihachi". It is a colorful coloring package that makes you imagine the taste of sweets so that you will want to pick it up when you line up at the store. The interior is designed so that you can decorate your room even after eating sweets. The product name "Wafers Lab" is associated with the illustrations of pastry chefs and animals working in a fictitious factory. It is a package design of sweets using illustrations like pop art.

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Bel Gusto

The purpose of the Bel Gusto rebranding is to expand the brand's audience through visual renewal. To emphasize traditions and history and favorably distinguish the TM from competitors, the theme of postage was used. The theme was expressed the theme in the packaging's distinctive design in the postal theme and material textures and elements of postage. The use of illustrations allowed to tell about the product, reveal it from unusual sides and contrast the product line's contrasting color differentiation helped the consumer distinguish the products in the line from each other.

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Wink Lashes

For the professional Wink Lashes series, a unique, attractive package was created, revealing the benefits of the brand. The graphic symbols help to display the main idea of the design - a magical transformation. The "Eye" image was a basis, whereas a separate visual element in the corresponding design was created for each product line. The correct use of color helped the brand embrace a complete look and effectively communicate with the customer. The developed design increased the level of brand awareness and popularity and made the TM more competitive.

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