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Xin You Ran Baijiu

This Baijiu is a limited-edition product launched by the Baijiu manufacturer. The idea of this Baijiu is about the Chinese zodiac year. In order to bring out a cultural and artistic effect for this limited-edition product, the design combined the Chinese calligraphy with the landscape painting to design the Hai. Hai means Pig in Chinese culture. The application of two outstanding cultural features on the design gives an artistic result for the product.

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Yingjiagong Baijiu

The designers used the idea of the mountain shape of the Dabie Mountain of China in the project. The designers combined the traditional Chinese ink painting with the line expression form to show the mountain shape. The design has a large area of white space with a strong Chinese painting and calligraphy. The main color of the design is green. The image of the design is simple, clean, and energetic that conveys the design concept naturally.

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Mi Band 3 is a low profile product that targets the lower end of the sports headset market. For the packaging design, designers wish to emphasize the youth and energy frequently associated with this group of users, so the packaging uses a simple figure of “3” as the visual point, surrounded by a pattern design that draws inspiration from the athletics track. This pattern extends over the entire package, conveying the dynamical of sports using simple lines. Band 3 use different colors on the packaging to distinguish the versions.

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Follow Me

The target customer group of this product is mainly young people, while the current packaging is relatively traditional, and there is a mismatch between the target customer group and the product. Through combing the products, the designer only keeps the most essential design elements, making the products more concise, fashionable and approachable.

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Label and box packaging for a health food brand that has strong roots in the Nordics. The design should have a natural touch, especially considering the ingredients are natural. The target demographic groups are males and females in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. The box is printed on paper with a matt celloglaze finish. Whilst transparent plastic is chosen for the container because it is the most valuable plastic after recycling.

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Wiseman Beer

The packaging design seems simple and colourful. The design produces a fashionable effect for the product. The red icon on the product bottle seems to break the traditional restriction of the design of the Chinese beer packaging. The design has a strong visual impact. The main colour of the design is red. The detail of the design expresses a modern and minimalist visual language.

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