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The Taste of Heritage

The design was inspired by the client’s background – a family business, from generation to generation. In order to preserve and pass on the taste, the product ‘The Taste of Heritage’ was launched. It also serves as a symbol of Malaysian tourism, so the designer came up with the concept of preserving the cultural heritage, incorporating the client’s ideas, integrated the long-standing cultures of various ethnic groups into the design to make more people understand Malaysian culture and be enthusiastic about Malaysian Art.

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Pu'er tea has always been brewed using raw leaves for more than thousands of years. It looks like by extracted through tedious processes, ZhuoQing's Pu'er can be complete dissolution in water with no residue. The pull-out carton of the ZhuoQing package can be extracted and held using one hand, which looks like a cigarette case. The box maximizes portability while simplifying the drinking way. The embroidered decorations of Pu'er birthplace-Yunnan, serve the purpose of preserving the awe for Pu'er's planting history and the awe for tea ceremony, recreating the authentic tea working scenes.

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Solar Media

Solar Media is a solar-energized equipment for both lighting and video-playing. It is produced majorly for Africa and for those in dire poverty. It brings illumination to people, spreading life skills and knowledge of disease prevention and treatment. The idea of making full use of all material makes the package more useful. The corrugated paper for partition inside the box can turn into a coat hanger with simple folding. Transportation fulfilled, the outer box will naturally be used as a drawer. Every 6 boxes can be fold easily into a wardrobe or a cupboard, or to store anything.

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Chinese have lots of love for Zodiac. In Chinese Lunar Year, 2021 is the year of Ox. As one of China's leading liquor brands, Niulanshan has begun planning the launch of Year of the Ox limited edition in mid 2020. Not only the Ox Year carries weight to the brand, but also with NIU meaning "Ox". The blade-sliced straight line of the bottle body conveys the tough carcass and the uncompromising character of an Ox. The top's shaped as an Ox horn, and also like a bullring. By extending the last stroke specifically, implies the Chinese meaning of "Niu (a slang for 'awesome') till the end".

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By adjusting the typeface, the Tsingtao logo has been upgraded, adding elements like a cast matching with a gold and wooden texture. A family-crest-like totem is created, offering an authentic historical touch. The illustration is recreated from a Gold Certificate won by Tsingtao from the 1906s Beer Championship in Munich; composed of lilacs, wheat, butterflies, beer barrels and the goddess Hestia; from afar, sits the Tsingtao factory, museum, brewing masters in carriages and another goddess.

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Chiang Hu

It is committed to the Chinese traditional wine (white wine, rice wine, yellow rice wine, fruit wine, etc.) combined with the modern trend to make new Chinese expression, international expression. On the front of the bottle is an elaborate engraving of birds. On the opposite side of the bottle is the landscape of China's Fenhe River, the birthplace of the winery. Through the wine, the birds fly above the mountains and rivers, expressing lofty aspirations.

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