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Prow Thai

To create a fresh image for Prow Thai, a brand of virgin coconut oil and cosmetics brand from agriculturists in the South of Thailand. The designer used the form of the coconut to make a dot color painting on the packaging, including the bright color scheme to reflect the perception of the product made by skilled workers and utilized in the product lineup. All packaging comes in white color of coconut meat to represent the cleanliness of the organic product.

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The Toothpaste packaging design idea is a watercolor tube. It reminds the fun of choosing colors when painting. The Toothpaste is a unique combination of natural ingredients and amino acids found. Therefore, the upper half of the Toothpaste packaging is a natural expression, and the under half is a science and technology expression. It is a design that combines two different elements into one. Finally, the brand mark combines two toothbrushes in the shape of a cross to simply design the insurance oral products.

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Himalaya Sheet Mask

Himalaya, the iconic Indian wellness brand wanted to add a new product to their extensive portfolio in the Personal Care bracket: Sheet Mask. Aimed at the global markets where their other products have met with success, they wished to make this offering appealing to young audiences. Himalaya and Elephant Design worked together to develop a cohesive packaging system that encapsulated 5 variants, presented in a highly accessible manner for the target audience while retaining Himalaya's core elements.

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The mulian mooncake

The Mulian Hotel, Hotel Group brand new upgrade, officially launched the "Refresh, start again" brand concept, the "art sosores lifestyle" into the modern hotel experience. The Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gift box, as an important display after the brand upgrade. "Inspiration" and "fantasy" are abstract concepts, which combine and arrange abstract graphics and brand elements as the carrier of concepts, enabling them to stimulate different imaginations.

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The colored painting on the surface of the package design of Jincaitou series chooses dancing lion, jade RuYi and magpie, which represent "good omens" in Chinese culture, reducing cost while conveying an auspicious meaning. Combined with its excellent quality wine, it can satisfy the working class who are interested in Baijiu in terms of the quality and cost-efficiency.

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The product was designed for the establishment of 30 years of the enterprise. The designer combined the product with the Chinese calendar. In China, a Calendar is an indispensable tool in daily life and work. They tear off a page every day to represent the arrival of a new day. Instead, the designer "save" calendars from 30 years ago on the packaging. The purpose is to let consumers know that the enterprise has 30 years of historical experience, they offer 30 years of classic quality.

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