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The Enchanted Forest

Label and packaging design for Blue Lagoon distillery, New Caledonia a small distillery of the islands, and their rum bottle, The Enchanted Forest. It is a uniquely crafted white rum characterized by gentle vanilla aromas, distilled from a variety of sugar cane produced by farmers in Southern Caledonia. The objective was to create a label design that conveys the quality of the brand and creates an emotional bond with the customers in a highly competitive market. The overall feeling of the packaging is about the intertwining of tradition and modernity.

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China Red

Paying tribute to traditional Chinese culture, a series of design elements like the sea and mountain pattern, lines & cubes are integrated to create this new-classic masterpiece merging Chinese and Western culture. The red color acts like a cultural vector linking the past and the present. As a result, this bright and eye-catching packaging easily stands out.

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The Mask that Ate the Virus

Swiss biotech company Livinguard developed a textile for reusable masks that inactivates and eliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses (incl. Covid 19) upon impact. This idea is brought to life in the packaging: The mask comes in a sterile package. An attached plastic strip animates – when slid up and down – a graphic depiction of a virus that is getting eaten in the process, adding some urgently needed humor in desperate days. To avoid the mix up of masks among family members, and hence cross-contamination, differently colored adjustment clips come in a separate sleeve to customize each mask.

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In the selection of packaging materials, the innovative use of unique pulp molding technology, with the concept of natural environmental protection and degradation and material characteristics to reduce environmental pollution, the overall packaging is more practical, can be used as a daily storage box multifunctional application; In terms of design and shape, it creates unique abstract images of "flying saucer" and "spaceship", with a sense of future and science and technology. Skin Skin always takes protecting the ecological environment and building a green home as its responsibility.

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Welcome to an adventurous journey towards the sense of nature. Feel the mystique surrounding these skincare products. The design nods to the bond between Mother Nature and her children, while the high quality materials lend a tactile feel and a lasting impression. Competition mapping and trends analysis led to the discovery of opportunity spaces that aligned with the client's vision and strategy, leading to modern, minimal and warm packaging.

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This is a Chinese-made children cold medicine that needs to be used according to children's age, like 1-3 years children need be given half a bag each time. We designed the cold medicine bags to animal figures and in the form of double split bags. It solves the problem of dividing medicine for parents and improves children's medication experience as parents can hold the package as a cute puppet, which will improve children's medication experience.

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