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The Treasure of Zbojniks

Zbojnicka, in Slovak, means belonging to a Zbojnik. Zbojniks were robbers who participated in insurgencies against serfdom. People believed that they had hidden numerous treasures in the Slovak mountains. Zbojnicka distillates are the true treasure of Zbojniks - this became the main idea for the design creation. The combination of regional ornaments, crossed shepherd’s axes, and a shield symbolizing the warlike nature of Zbojniks, the Velky Rozsutec mountain, hiding many treasures - each element of the label has its significance and tells unique stories from Slovak folklore.

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Wu Xing

The series of work Wu Xing use animals as a interpretation and categorize as five elements according to their characteristics. Among them, to emphasize the cycle of symbiosis in Wu Xing, designers added the sunrise and the sunset in each illustration, representing the beginning and the end of the day. The painting box is the main structure development, showing a sense of hardcover and classic. From the book-shaped box to the unfolding to the packaging structure that independently becomes the display rack. In this special package structure, each card can be fully displayed.

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Sakura Shimizu

This package was created as a branding project for a floral artist. All of the brand's tools were created in a uniform gray color, which shows the true colors of the flowers. The packaging is designed in a simple achromatic color so as not to detract from the quality of the client artist's work. The symbol is based on the typography of a Japanese character meaning "flower", and all brand tools are created around this symbol. By using this "kanji" symbol, the client communicated to consumers its position as a Japanese floral artist.

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XinJiHao Puer

In the process of taking out the ten-year-old tea cake stored in the internal dry warehouse, consumers open the tea box from the golden cross line, as if opening the golden age of ten years. The mountain pattern in the outer box and the three-dimensional mountain sculpture in the inner pot represent the mountain that the tea passed through in the process of transportation and the mountain that gave birth to the tea respectively, making the ancient Pu'er tea a container with unique memory.

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Loacker Rebrand

New rebranding and pack design created for Loacker. The new logo integrates the Company's historical emblem and Mt. Sciliar which can be seen from their building windows. The goal was to communicate the brand essence: family, roots and nature. Loacker is not just a brand, is a family name. They established their first plant at 1000 mt to use the valley' spring water in their wafers. The new packaging has redefined the elements hierarchy, while the product representation becomes realistic and straightforward, offering a recognizable system on over 200 products divided into several lines.

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Garalis Muscat Limnio

The packaging of these two wines are connected with a common feature, the design style. Although the concept of ​​the illustration is different in each case, the aesthetic is the same. The concept behind the packaging design of Muscat white wine comes from the distinctive features of Lemnos island with its low vines that are lashed by northeasterly gales. The design concept of Limnio red wine was based on the shape of the typical traditional Gouves of Lemnos. These were underground carved out rocks, used by vintners for the fermentation of must, and sealed with round slates.

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