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Tokaj Gin Label

Tokaj Gin is produced in Hungary's Tokaj wine region. The characteristic hills of the landscape are illustrated in a geometric manner on the bottle resembling that of traditional copper engravings. During the design process, we experimented a lot with dimensions and rhythm, in order to make the lens effect as perfect as possible. The illustrations are directly screen-printed on the surface of the bottle, resulting in playful distortion of pattern through the transparent liquid.

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The Emerald Isle

A timeless art statement and what is today the most luxurious and rarest Irish whiskey ever created. A record-breaking highly collectable set that brings together immersive, sensorial design and craftsmanship with the artistry of refined jewellery and detailing. Envisioned as the ultimate whiskey statement, with only 7 sets in existence, the fully bespoke Emerald Isle collection pays homage to iconic and mythological Irish sites through the refined bottle, box and display unit designs that make this an unforgettable experience, and truly, a piece of whiskey and jewellery history.

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Wildheart Organics

A premium look for an impeccably organic scented soy candle line. The idea was to break into higher-end retailers with a look that would stand up to the quality of the product, to be communicated through the product livery. Material selection and finishes are key to consumers' perceptions, from both an initial impression to a second more considered evaluation. The colours used are derived from the plants and herbs that make each of the fragrances. The illustrations have an ethereal quality, alluding to scent dissipating into the air as a candle burns.

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By Beth

The agency was commissioned to create a visual identity system and packaging design, including a bespoke vessel for this luxury atelier. Where possible all materials were selected based on their environmental credentials, ranging from the use of post-consumer waste, FSC papers and soy-based inks. The packaging uses a colour palette of dark green and light pastel hues, high quality materials, structures and subtle print finishes to create a tangible sense of both luxury and prestige.

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The design of Gujing tribute wine combines the traditional dragon pattern with the digital style of science and technology, giving Chinese dragon new vitality. The outer packaging uses folding fan design combined with hollowed out to create a sense of mystery. Unfold the box layer by layer, and the bottle pattern and the box can be well integrated to show the spirit of the dragon. The design process uses the material of luminous ink, which makes the pattern emit light in the dark environment and adds a mysterious visual effect.

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Tianmu Yunwu Tea

This is tea packaging, and Tianmu Yunwu tea is used as a souvenir for traveling in Xinchang. The packaging gift box as a whole is a two-layer pull-up structure in the shape of a mountain, and visually integrates the expression of mountains, ground, clouds, and Queen Mother's feast culture. It is not only easy to identify, but also easy to spread quickly in the market. The aesthetic design style gives Tianmu Yunwu tea product packaging a unique visual and beautiful experience.

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