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Lifewtr Series 7: Art through Technology

With its seventh series, Lifewtr sparks inspiration through the exploration of creators working in art and technology. As technology broadens the boundaries of possibilities within art and design, ninety two percent of art organizations agree that technology has made art a more participatory experience, which ultimately helps to diversify audiences. Lifewtr shines a spotlight on this timely cultural tension and three emerging artists, Sarah Ludy, Zach Lieberman, and Andrew Benson.

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Mtn Dew AMP Game Fuel Launch

Mtn Dew AMP Game Fuel Launch is the first ready to drink performance beverage for gamers to hit the market. Created with this specific tribe in mind, GAME FUEL has created a holistic brand, product and consumer experience that authentically integrates with e sports and gaming culture. The 360 launch assets developed by the design team allowed the brand to launch with scale and excitement while also creating a strong pipeline of partnerships, sponsorships and future innovations.

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Off the Eaten Path

Aspirational and highly magnetic, this specific consumer group has an insatiable appetite for new and authentic experiences and a deep seated curiosity that drives all they do. A small group of these consumers gave real time feedback through the stages of brand development, involving them directly in the creative process. By making the consumer central to every decision, the Off The Eaten Path team was able to create a more authentic experience across every application.

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2000 meters

Although each product belongs to different level, the whole series of black tea makes consumers feel the same brand concept with different design language. Different material, size and shape in each series of package shows a statement of professionalism. Black and red as the main color of product and embellish a bit white, illustration such as old tree, brush, jasmine, all there details make this series looks exquisite and delicate. At the same time, octagon shape as the core symbol, makes the whole series looks exactly like a family.

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2019 NPCCD Deck

The narrative of exploring the palace centers on a discovery challenge labeled on the side to "unlock the gate”. The choice to create earned moments in a puzzle format for the user were key to the brand's strategy of creating emotional connections with the user. The packaging is designed to reward users with discovery moments of differing magnitude, directly correlated with their effort towards the experience and brand. The user goes on a journey through different stages, rewarding the most invested customers with the finale, a genuine moment of magic.

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Frangi Premium

The solution of how to balance the general character and individuality between 5 different products in this series in quite interesting. Iris presented in each product of FRANGI as the core element, which improved the whole packaging quality and user experience with no extra expense on transportation and production. The vertical stripes which simulated plants stalk as the independent identity of this new series. With different materials, the whole series gave a vivid and unified appearance.

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