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This Packaging is designed for the Sisters Ice Cream Company. The design team has tried to use three ladies, who are reminiscent of the manufacturers of this product, in the form of happy colors that come from the taste of each ice cream. In each flavor of the design, the shape pf the ice cream is used as the character's hair, which presents an interesting and new image of ice cream packaging. This design, in its new form, has attracted a lot of attention amongst its competitors and has had high sales. The design tries to create original and creative packaging.

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This is a Japanese oriented waxed perfume. It is wrapped by washi that is Japanese traditional paper. Texture of washi and a touch of watercolor are used to depict this product's theme that softness and Lightness like floating in the air. It feels like picking up the fragrance itself when they takes the product out from the package.

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The basis for the concept of Pure Juice is an emotional element. The developed naming and design concept are aimed at the customer's feelings and emotions, they serve the purpose of stopping the person right next to the needed shelf and making them pick it from the multitude of other brands. The package expresses the effects of fruit extracts, the colorful patterns directly printed on a glass bottle that resembles in the shape of fruits. It visually emphasizes the image of natural products.

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Jinsha Sauce Liquor

The packaging idea fully demonstrated the brand's historical origins, geographic background and quality characteristics. Through an expression of illustrations, the brand's ancient brewing skills and unique geographical location are combined, and displayed in the Han Dynasty mural art style thousands of years ago. The front of the box is abstract and full of Chinese ink and wash mood. Strengthened the brand's sense of quality and added art.

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Every product deserves a right packaging. By developing this packaging, designer helped a successful coffee roaster company to reach new people that value premium quality coffee and care about it's origin. By providing the new look of the packaging, designer was trying to enhance the value of the handmade coffee that comes from almost every continent. The decision to use bird illustrations of each country was based on their elegant nature and also a hand crafted feel they give to the final product. Kraft paper and deep dark brown color of the illustrations also serve the same purpose.

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Chandon Rose 2020

The main source of inspiration for this project was Japanese traditional cherry blossom viewing. Since Chandon has traditional and innovate brand spirit, the design reflects modern feast into the customary of Heian period depict a fusion of Japanese tradition and modernity of Chandon. To express the brand, the women in kimono enjoy with wine glasses in their hand, with modern-like. The colorful fan in the center of the bottle gives a image of the high-quality sharp mouthfeel taste of Chandon and the prism of spring light.

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