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Hao Xiang Ni

The designer redefines Hao Xiang Ni, a kind of Chinese red date with the best taste at 28℃ by exploiting Cardio-id, which is a heart-like form introduced from a romantic story of Descartes and a Swiss princess in the package design. The mysterious heart-shape graph is symbolized, which means every single jujube represents a heart. The poetry illustrations reinterpret the brand tone of Hao Xiang Ni, which endows it with elegance and romance. The package is humanized to some extent in the case, which makes the product even more attractive when sold online.

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Amphora Olympia

Amphora Olympia is a series of premium quality Organic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece that is targeted to the foreign market. The brand pays tribute to the history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games, ancient Olympia, where olive trees were grown not only for their fruits but also to honour the triumphant athletes. The design strategy was based in depicting the ancient practice of preserving olive oil in amphorae. The brand logo was based on a abstract "amphorae" shape letter A (Amphora) that includes a circle that symbolises the olive oil and ancient Olympia (letter O).

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Basic Naturals

Basic Naturals is a series of 100% natural handmade skin care products. Crafted in small quantities in Connecticut, USA, Basic Naturals use only the finest organic and natural ingredients and are created exclusively by mild production techniques. The brand’s logo incorporates in the word ‘Basic’ the element of a flower pot in the shape of an inverted ‘A’ with a Calendula flower in the pot that reminds the first product created, based on this plant.

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Okhota Strong

The idea behind this redesign is to show product's high ABV via visually recognizable firm material – corrugated metal. Corrugated metal embossing becomes the main motif for glass bottle while making it tactile and easy to hold. Graphic pattern resembling corrugated metal is transferred onto aluminum can complemented by a scaled-up diagonal brand logo and modernized image of a hunter making new design more dynamic. Graphic solution for both bottle and can is simple and easy to implement. Bold colors and chunky design elements appeal to the target audience and increase shelf visibility.

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The glass bottle of minimalist style is matched with a light golden cap of iris. The flower is shining and sparkling in the middle of the crystal acrylic cylinder. Iris is a spiritual symbol of the enterprise, and the designer tries to keep the figure concrete so as to maximize the value of the brand. The designer creates the figure inside the cap based on the three petals, calyxes, and stigmatic lips in each flower, and piles them up into a tridimensional model in a decussate way. The cap of the bottle makes the whole package an artistic creation.

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Edible Insects

Insect-protein industries are growing, this is one of the strangest/challenging projects I have worked on, How can I ever make an Edible Insect brand feel appetising/or lets say less disgusting?! The beauty in the details of insects was the insight to build on the visual identity. The biggest challenge is to create an appeal rather than develop repulsive insectological associations and not to shock unprepared consumers with options for serving, and to use illustration to communicate beauty. The main challenge is to transform the association of disgust into beauty.

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