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Adaras Organic

A resounding design for an organic wine family Adaras. There are many ways to convey simplicity and in this design proposal, the emphasis is minimalism. The graphic symbols represent an exercise of synthesis on the natural elements of the earth on which the fruit grows and the hands of the men on them to became the liquid inside the bottle. The overall effect is a powerful, mysterious and visual that invites you to know more about the content inside.

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Under the concept of Japanese traditional aesthetic sense, “Wabi-Sabi” , sophisticated clear bottle was cut out its elements to the utmost limit. When it’s lighted up, it has more stylish atmosphere and you can enjoy both taste and sight at the same time.This custom designed bottle is beautiful on any retail shelf or backlit in an on-premise bar.

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1001 Wine

The view over the Douro Valley is one of the most breathless landscapes one can experience. Quinta Maria Izabel, an emblematic estate located in the Douro Demarcated Region, the first in the world, is no exception. Now, you can assess it, since their scenery, once portrayed in a painting the brand affectionately keeps in their estate, was transposed to the labelling of Quinta Maria Izabel 1001, a very special edition of only 1001 bottles of this wine producer, by the hands of Omdesign.

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Barrel Creek Providsions

Barrel Creek Provisions underwent a brand transformation to establish itself as a formidable player in the fermented foods category. The packaging uses a simple graphic frame structure to emphasize key facts giving it a compositional simplicity to ensure maximum shelf impact. Classic botanical illustrations were used to reinforce the natural earthy ingredients and offset that bold modern typographical style.

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The Eclipse ring box is designed to be striking, simple and memorable. Rotating the top and bottom opens the mechanical iris and simultaneously raises the inner platform presenting the contents. All components are made from quality materials, the casing is milled from solid aluminum with an anodized, bead-blasted finish to protect from scratching, while stainless steel aperture blades and ball bearings ensure a lifetime of smooth movement.

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The label is a hand-crafted illustration which depicts the ancestral aborigen ritual of lama shearing, the moon in a very rare stage where can be seen bigger than ever, an unexpected volcano eruption, the hand-picked ingredients that are grown in this particular place which were collected by the masted beer blenders during the trip to the roots of Peru.

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