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Germs will be frightened with this line of disinfectants. Pale colors on the package give the illusion that the germs are being erased, revealing the transparent part of the bottle with information about safety. Each product in the line has a unique germs design, because different germs live on different surfaces. This playful design element indicates that the products are from the children's category. Boo and germs are washed off the surface.

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This work was designed by Mr. En Ke based on ancient Chinese royal culture. The packaging is redesigned with the elements of cloud pattern in the Forbidden City, the overall work of art is like an ivory, fully embodies the beauty of the Orient. Open the top cover, there is an incense holder golden phoebe wrapped in eco-friendly paper. This design works to break the traditional, will have two combustion and storage functions into a product design, so was patented in China. It has won international design awards while receiving well received from the market!

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Hotel New Grand Ready-to-eat Meals

This product is a ready-to-eat meals package design for the only classic hotel in Yokohama. They wanted to convey the tradition and prestige of the hotel with a little wit to entertain those who saw this design. With a design based on the motif of a stockpot, this product brings the flavors of the finest dishes prepared by top chefs working in hotel kitchens to the comfort of your home. Enjoy the authentic texture of slowly simmered curry and soup whose aroma has been fully preserved.

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Designers were approached by an Italian producer launching a new range of non-alcoholic aperitifs, Amarico. The goal was to create a logo and packaging design for this authentic Italian product. They decided to develop the design around the product's key qualities, the beverage's aromatic, creamy and Italian style, with citrusy notes of bitter orange and lemon, fresh and crispy with a harmonious after taste. New fonts and a set of elegant hand-made illustrations were created depicting botanical motifs and ingredients.

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Organic Rice

This project is that packages the feelings of the makers who make delicious rice in Wuchang. The design idea is natural golden carpet. Created the design, which is associated with the scene where a vast rice field looks golden. The Package is a trimmed of a golden rice carpet. So the vacuum package shape is a block like cube. In addition, illustration of a duck is to prove organic farming. The design that simply packaged the value of organic farming in Wuchang.

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Green Boat Song

The packaging is for an agricultural product. It uses Klein blue in a large area to create professional atmosphere, reflect the quality of products and emphasize the brand feature of organic. Its main body adopts exquisite woodcut prints, depicting freely growing hens and breeding environment. Surrounding vines and flowers brings a sense of nature and purity. The layout of product information enriches the picture content, and at the same time, it also gives enough space to breath.

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