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Risetta is a simple, functional, easy to carry, ecofriendly, which follows the shapes of the traditional fruit box, symbol of recycling. Designed in laser cut plywood, Risetta has a modern, captivating, innovative design. Tub made with a single sheet of plywood, made flexible thanks to laser cutting in the bending points. Holes, in place of the slits, to make the structure more resistant. Cork supports which, housed in the holes, allow various assembly methods for set up sales point or temporary shop. It finds dimension inside home becoming a piece of furniture.

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Beer Mail by Volfas Engelman

Beer Mail by Volfas Engelman is exceptional taste causes a surprise to your taste buds. Agency goal was to convey that same kind of surprise visually. Every beer type has a unique combination of unexpected flavors that sets the tone for a collage style illustrations combining elements that are inseparable at the first glance. Every label is unique, unusual and attract attention but to keep it for a little while. It is not only attractive but also create the association with the taste at the same time letting the consumer to find ingredients.

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Baltija packaging was created as a gift from countries located near Baltic Sea. Deep greenish blue colour gave vibrance and luxury feel letting it stand out in the context of confectionery packaging all over the baltic region. Victorian style design creates impression of classic and timeless packaging design. Copper details makes this packaging more premium. The result is timeless and luxury packaging from Baltic countries.

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Cheetos Redesign

Cheetos is a brand that people love and the new visual identity reimagines the all colorful characteristics of Cheetos within an new design that is driven by the iconic C. This versatile brand mark is both contemporary and playful in attitude, without loosing the playful essense of Chester, the brands world renowned mascot. In line with the heritage of the brand the design focuses on attention to detail and meticulous execution.

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Pepsi Culture

Pepsi Culture celebrates Mexico through a series of limited-edition cans. The design explores the rich and vibrant cultures of six Mexican cities and their passion for the arts and crafts. Through meaningful symbols and regional references the designs are brought to life as illustrative patterns that honor century old traditions and infuse contemporary design aesthetics. This blend ancient meanings and modern design sensibilities creates a rich narrative that perfectly reflects the ethos and modernity of the Pepsi brand.

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Pepsi Football

Pepsi celebrated the NFL in Mexico with a limited time offer can series that harnesses the power of the game. The approach dramatices the athletic power of the players and celebrates four NFL teams. The visual language heroes illustration within a design that showcases the passion of the national football league. The design reflects the strength and endurance of players and the pure emotion that keeps fans engaged in all game season.

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