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The packaging of the lighters represents Zippo’s core value, “We inspire.” The lighters are under a high-end product line for Zippo. To provide a comprehensive collection for Zippo enthusiastic, the packaging was exclusively developed as a limited edition with only a hundred units produced. The packaging engages the user by lighting up the zodiac signs. It enhances the esthetic aspect of the packaging and highlights the concept in a unique way. The structure of the packaging is designed specifically so it can stand upright and the lighters can be attached and displayed on the surface.

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Alienergy Energy Drink

The product does not only focus on making a good visual impact, but also aims to build a better brand personality through graphic communication. The design is mainly composed of its special alien figure, creative background settings, and intense color blendings. The alien figure with its head and eyes is representing a bold, energetic, and passionate brand personality. The detailed background patterns consolidate the futuristic alien characteristic.

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Shiny Meadow A2 Pet Crystal Drill Bottle

The overall appearance design adheres to surpassing oneself and breaks through the traditional fresh milk packaging shape. The bottle shape resembling a milk drop and the creative structure of ice flower shape, cleverly displayed in all directions surrounded by 6-sections, make the crystal bottle as translucent as a crystal diamond under the refraction of light from different directions, and then match the deep concave and convex blow bottle.

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Tanggou Yingchun

The box-shaped structure presents the inner packaging through a fun opening method, and the spring swallows fly back, implying that spring is also coming. Birds fly by, and the white outer box represents the winter past, showing the spring green of the inner box, and everything is revived. Old trees and new flowers are strong in spring, inheritance and creation of wine are more fragrant, the regional ecological environment of Tanggou, and the natural conditions of Tanggou Town are uniquely endowed by nature, and the extremely suitable wine is reflected in the product packaging.

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Yamamotoyama is one of the oldest and most established tea merchants in Japan. It has been the first to sell Green tea today. With the concept of Return to the origin of Edo, Nosigner have redesigned the packages to keep the traditional tea culture alive and pass it on to the future. To make them modern while retaining the charm of the long history brand, Nosigner referred to the traditional colors and structure of the scrolls with Yamamotoyama's original small crests and the calligraphy style of Edo.

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Mminni-X-Lab is a brandy designed for young people. X means unknown, infinite possibilities, goals and hopes in the design, which represents the exploration spirit of young people. The idea of design inspired by the product concept of towards the unknown and shine. In order to get rid of the traditional idea of brandy and produce a new brand recognition, the design uses unknown and color as the creative point to attract young people.

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