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Luzhou Laojiao launched a new strategic brand "Gogoon", laying out the new consumption era of China's consumption upgrade and the rise of light luxury consumption. Gogoon is positioned as the new light luxury baijiu in China's baijiu industry, also opens the time of light luxury baijiu consumption and third trend of Luzhou Laojiao.

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East Travel

East Travel is a brand that mainly transfers the oriental culture through the product. Eight immortals cross the sea, one of the widely spread myths among Chinese folk. This product uses sugarcane as raw material instead of wheat and rice which are commonly used in traditional baijiu, therefore the taste of this baijiu is sweet and more suitable for consumers. The external packaging is made of pressed bagasse after fermented baijiu, which is easy to degrade naturally, environmentally friendly and practical, and easy to carry.

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Arminda Cachaca

Strictly handcrafted, Arminda Cachaca is an organic production, made by sugar cane grown with no addition of fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The Brazilian spirit made with focus on the premium export productsand its packaging brings a logistic innovation, which allow to export in a sustainable and optimized way and as result, increasing profitability. The triangular neckless shape saves 42 percent on the container’s volumetric space, which amplifies the efficiency during the logistics stage through the clever use of the space.

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The courage to explore new areas of design language and focus on the experimental expression, experimentation and innovation of design concepts are the constant beliefs of Firewolf. Design is no longer limited to the sorting and delivery of information. Design is also the re-creation of life attitudes and new ideas. The company believes that design is as infinitely attractive as traditional art. Design can span time and space and convey human civilization. This design feature makes it have lasting vitality and development space in the modern cultural form.

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Smoked Trout

The packaging design for smoked trout products combines contrasting colours together with specific elements (the circular pattern background, the medieval gate shape for the cardboard cutting and the golden seal) in order to communicate the attributes of the product: tradition, heritage and natural ingredients. The most visible items: the seal and the medieval gate shape are present on the entire product range, and represent both tradition and continuity.

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Diablo Black

Diablo Black is a pact with the extraordinary, where the serious and traditional give way to the sophisticated and disruptive. It is an intriguing and attractive brand, in which the Devil is the protagonist who seeks out those who want to be tempted by a wine that reflects his dark and mysterious style. 6 months that make the difference, 6 weeks that define a style, 6 days that are the precise time for perfection. The winemaking process follows Diablo's characteristic style.

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