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Day One

Day One, Selected Harvest, is a design that pays tribute to the moment when a winemaker decides to begin the harvest: a decision that is fundamental to the quality, finish and character of a wine. A balance between sugar, acidity, and tannins. During this process, sugar is transformed into alcohol and, hence, the concentration of sugar in the fruit is key to start the harvest. The harvest scissors have germinated among the flowers that protect the grapes and vine leaves.

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Organic, Naturally Crafted, is inspired by the self-sustaining ecosystem created in organic vineyards, without the use of chemicals and synthetics. This ecosystem, generated in the vineyard, is fundamental to achieve a natural balance that protects the vineyards from pests and diseases. That is why designers highlight the natural ecosystem that lives within organic vineyards, as they are responsible for the health and fertilization of the grapes. This is a certified organic and vegan wine brand.

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Botchan Ressha

A collaborative chocolate between a locomotive with more than 130 years of history and an up-and-coming, well acclaimed chocolatier. The trains are drawn with respect for railroad fans and its history, based on photographs of the actual trains taken by the designers themselves. The chocolate has a playful design to it that expresses the route on which the train runs as a maze. The deep green symbolizes the trade color of the train and the color of matcha chocolate. By consuming it while enjoying the maze, they can visit the route and background of the areas and cultures where the train runs.

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Ballantines 17

In order to create a rigid box that embodies the atmosphere of an altar this design has a moving mechanism that allows the book to rise up on the gold stage as the lid lies down to reveal the liquor and the whisky bible. Samples of spices contain the flavors of the whisky to enrich the sense of smell and elevate the value of the liquor. The presentation of graphics and objects are in a sequence to trigger different senses. Users see then touch and smell to create an interactive experience.

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Italy has made a huge contribution to world culture. During the Renaissance, the greatest masterpieces were created by such masters as Michelangelo, Bernini and many others. The Italians turn everything into art. Even meat delicacies are a masterpiece to be delighted — delighted for their taste. The unique design emphasizes the attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the product and respect for the traditions of production. A bright, emotional image and contrasting details distinguish the product on the shelf among competitors and make it attractive to consumers.

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Yashang Hing Tau Ball

This design pays attention to the category expression of product attributes, and forms different design feelings through the different raw materials of products. In the same way, the diversity of colors enriches this design and increases the sense of richness of food. Transparent handbag is a good display of the products inside, in order to unnecessary waste of materials, the handbag is designed into a secondary use of the layout more concise and fashionable.

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