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This is a design work with oriental characteristics. It combines three representative elements of China: national color (Chinese red), national flower (peony), and national art (embroidery). This makes the work show an elegant Chinese style. When the box is opened, it looks like an ancient Chinese furniture screen. The moire frame shows an abstract mood, and the bottle is like a collection placed on the display shelf.

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Boho Ras

Boho Ras sells packaged cocktails made with the finest local Indian spirits. The product carries a Bohemian vibe, which captures the unconventional artistic lifestyle and the visuals of the product are the abstract portrayal of the buzz that the consumer gets after drinking the cocktail. It has perfectly managed to achieve the midpoint where Global and Local meet, where they fuse to form "Glocal" vibe for the product. Boho Ras sells pure spirits in 200ml bottles and packaged cocktails in 200ml and 750 ml bottles.

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Xiaohutuxian Xinyouran

The "xinyou ran" is an old brand, the brand culture is wisdom, wisdom is the best representative of the book, in China there is a very Chinese book - bamboo slips, in the absence of ancient paper, the Chinese use bamboo slips to record text, spread wisdom. The designer made the liquor box into a bamboo slip. It was a direct expression of wisdom. The designer designed the opening of the liquor box in the same way as the bamboo slip. The opening of the liquor box was like opening a book full of wisdom.

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AEcht Nuernberger Kellerbier

In medieval times, local breweries let their beer age in over 600 years old rock-cut cellars underneath the Nuremberg castle. Honoring this history, the packaging of the "AEcht Nuernberger Kellerbier" takes an authentic look back in time. The beer label shows a hand drawing of the castle sitting on rocks and a wooden barrel in the cellar, framed by vintage-style type fonts. The sealing label with the company’s “St. Mauritius” trademark and the copper-colored crown cork convey craftsmanship and trust.

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Sierra Cantabria

The design of this extensive family of wines has the mission of collecting the manifesto of 150 years of history to build the language of its labels. The different variants that it has give rise to a very large family, whose brand is worked together, but also retains subtle differences between one of the bottles to give rise to a range full of elegance and expressiveness. Using the winery's own heraldic symbols in combination with a hierarchy of typographic elements, manages to create more than 50 combinations of labels, with a serene and elegant design.

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The design of this collection of wine bottles represents a magical vision of the phenomena that surround it. Paranormal is a name full of personality, which leads to a unique ideology of strange and surprising phenomena. Engraved and detailed illustrations show a haunting and ironic visual narrative. Broken typefaces to emulate the beautifully imperfect letterpress prints, complete this graphic based on ancient alchemy books, full of myths and fables.

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